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If I Could Only See You

My life is pretty simple, well, it is if you’re on the outside looking in. Perception being the way we take things, one of my main ways of looking at something even though I shouldn’t, so I’ll try and explain myself clearly.

I walk just as you do, with one foot in front of the other, but I really love flying. Especially the take off. I work forty plus hours a week, sometimes more sometimes less. My family is huge once you add in all the cousins and what-not, we don’t see each other often, but when we do, it’s fantastic.

My job, I’m in agriculture, keeping up with crops makes the world go round, I guess. Small part and not very rewarding, but it feeds me and my family. Sometimes though, I feel as if some co-workers want to just run me off, little do they know I’ll just find another, whatever. I was “accidently” poisoned at work once, and still had to go in the next day. Again, whatever.






I realize lavender has a wonderful smell to most, but for some reason it drives me insane, I hate it, with a passion. Maybe its just me, but I kinda like the smell of dirt, lol, I know that sounds silly, but nonetheless, I like it.

My family and I enjoy adventures in the forest as well as just stayin home, we’ll go anywhere and everywhere. Once my significant other ended up at the door step to a bears den, it came out, scared the crap out of us, we took off. Luckily, it wasn’t worried with us or we could have been done for. Too bad we didn’t get a picture of her face, I still laugh about that one. We slept under the beautiful night sky wondering if this planet is the only one with life on it, falling asleep counting stars. Wish we could go on vacation everyday.

You know how it is, the home life gets a little redundant. Not the family and friends, just everything else. It seems as if the world wants to keep you exactly where you are. I like to do things, go places, meet others but something seems to get in the way, a lot. Or maybe I’m just keeping the wrong count, no, I notice the things that seem to work out also. Always grateful, but would love the opportunity to do more, not just for me but for others as well. I don’t want a pity party either, that would just make it worse. Seriously just a little different opportunity would be great, trying new things, learning new stuff and never changing who I am. Me is all I can be.

I am passionate about the ones I love and those I don’t, I try and stay clear of. My family and I always try harder than the days before and treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. I also love being with my good friends.

See I’m just like you in many ways, maybe that’s why we don’t get along as good as we possible could. This is what we do, live and love. I am a moth, this is my life but you wouldn’t know any of that because you only see what you want to see!

Lifes too short to see only what you want to see, I just wish that I could see more!

I asked my 9 year old daughter what a moth might talk about if it could in fact speak and she said, “other moths”!  💯

Me:  😊


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Strong Will

It’s often hard to imagine anyone going through a situation much more soul draining than one you yourself has been through or maybe going through right now. It’s real, it really happens and to the best of us, it’s really kind of sad when you think about it.

Like people some situations are not created equal. Some believe that God only gives you what you can handle, others believe the problem could be only possible for them and others don’t face the same situations. Who’s right, the realist or the believer? My first thought, that doesn’t matter.

To stay on point, we can’t get of topic, we must push forward. It’s in our DNA, we’ve spent whole life times doing it, it’s all we know. The push sometimes though, is exactly what’s wrong. Usually stemming from a choice we’ve made a long time ago.

A young man sends his new wife and new baby to stay with family out of state, he stays to work. The job is good and the pay is great, they will need it for their future. Somehow to him, now seems a long way off.

The wife with her baby reluctant in leaving but more than confident in a choice they made together. Her travel was long and hard, her thoughts embossed as if carved in stone and sadness in her heart. Worried and praying for things to work out, she’s sure of it, it must work out because they won’t stop trying.

The first call was relief, for him and her, “the baby is going down for a nap now hunny”, the I-love-you’s, silenced by a dial tone and off to bed themselves. The heart is heavy, the mind is lost in sadness but yet at the same time their heads hit their pillows, a prayer and then lights out. For them both the struggle is real, she sleeps in tears and he, in fears. Fearing nothing he does seems to work out, her worries are that he’s not comfortable. She lives for him and him for her, they must find hope in their decisions.

As the days roll so do the calls but the worries and fears lean toward anger, angry that they have to do this, wondering where they went wrong and never knowing that negative thought alone, could break them.

If knowing that mechanical problems have to be fixed from the core outward, like if the brakes on your car squeak then you wouldn’t put brake fluid in it, right? No, you go to the brakes and start there. So why don’t we do ourselves that way too. If we are unhappy with our life trajectory, maybe we should start with the way we are looking at it!

She knows this, reminding him of a conversation they had together one evening, baby sleeping on daddy, mommy holding on tightly, the warmth of their hearts filled the room. He tells her she’s exactly right, seeing now he does hate the situation they are in, always ridiculing himself for it all. In her sweetest voice she utters, “relax”. Just relax everything will be fine, he finds it hard to do but comforts her hanging up more slowly every night wishing he was there with her holding her tight.

He will make it and she’ll be back with him soon. It will be ok. They’ve started on the right path, they have a plan, he has the will and she has the strength. They know they can change things if they just simply change the way they’re looking at it.
If it is a problem to you then it will begin to seem so much worse, but if we just put effort into the problem and our opinions out of it, we can get through them a little smoother then before. You can always be sure to know that you’ll be just fine in a given situation if you have asked questions about it. Can’t fix those breaks if you’ve never seen the YouTube how-to video! Feel me…

Now, insert yourself in the scenario, make their problem whatever you may be facing and then read on.
We can be one hundred percent sure that if we change the way we look at our own problems or situations they will be so much easier to deal with.
We can also be one hundred percent sure that we are only human, and we will back slide stumble and fall along the way. We will have doubts and feel as if our faith is slipping. We will hit moments when we feel we’ve had enough and want to stop. We may feel as if we should no longer care. We will feel moments of lost perception and possibly fall further behind, but feelings don’t fix problems, actions do. So tell your brain to chill cause you got this.

Michael Milburn

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